.  They are great for leaving on site, to convey caution while you drive hundreds of miles away.  They are great barricades for wet concrete or paint.
they work great in high crime construction areas.

What is the disposable cone made of:
to the eye you cannot tell the difference from a disposable cone and a rubber traffic cone.  The bright fluorescent safety orange color is far brighter
than most rubber traffic cones.  The disposable traffic cone is a testimony to the power of paper.  There is a whole new world of industrial paper
products, and the disposable traffic cone is a fine example.  Manufactured to be both  biodegradable and water resistant. Our weather resistant
disposable cone can be tailored to your needs.  Paper is also a great printing medium and Your disposable traffic cone can be custom printed with
your logo or advdertisement .
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Thank you Tom G. in Biloxi Mississippi

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    promise you
    two things: to post as many on this
    site as we can,
    and to throw into your next shipment
    a few free cones.

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The Disposable traffic cone
is great for high visibility at a price of $4.95 per traffic cone.

Our traffic cones are made of thick linerboard, able to withstand most weather conditions. Linerboard is an industrial paper, and being made of paper,
the disposable traffic cones can easily be printed on.  Logos and advertisements can easily be added to the bright white stripe.. An extra dollar is
charged for striping, But still a Bargain at $5.95, and the stripes greatly increase the visibility over the plain cone,and when printed with your logo will
add a lot of style to your job site. For those of you who have a taste for class, your LOGO can be added to the stripe for just one more dollar per
traffic cone.
You need not fill out the order form on the next page, if it is more convenient for you to make your order by phone.  We enjoy talking to our customers
and hearing what your business is and how you will use the disposable cone.


The plain traffic cone
is the workhorse of the industry, at $4.95 per traffic cone .  They are made of a bright orange thick linerboard paper.  The orange color is fluorescent.
Though the paper traffic cone is relatively new to the construction industry, it is fast becoming a staple item.  They ship light, thanks to the unique cuff
which allows you to add weight to the traffic cone once it is on site.

When the job is done and conditions returned to safe and normal, Instruct your
clients to simply throw the cones away.
A Thanks to our customers
who send us photos
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      The disposable traffic cone
         is an inexpensive and professional looking
    barricade. It looks like an expensive rubber traffic cone,
    it works like an expensive rubber traffic cone, but it does
    not cost like an expensive rubber traffic cone. Our  
    Disposable Safety Cones  are made from  a high-density
    industrial-strength paper that is great for printing on,
    and inexpensive enough to leave behind on your site.
    There are many construction applications when it is
    better not to use a $25 rubber traffic cones, but rather
    an inexpensive $5 disposable traffic cone. The unique
    cuff allows you to add weight to the traffic cone once it is
    on site.
    We offer event ribbon cones with your color
    ribbon.   Great for event walks and parking areas.

    When ordering multiple boxes, Please call in your order
    to prevent additional shipping charges .Our site
    currently only calculates shipping on one box   If you
    order more than one box in each order,you will receive
    an invoice for additional shipping charge.
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